Who We Are

About us

We are a trail running event company based in the North East of England bringing races from some of the most spectacular places in the UK, ranging from 10k all the way up to ultramarathon distance.

We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring some of the best racing formats from other adventure sports to the running community. Our first night-time 10k is planned for February 2020, our first team event in April and our first Ultra in May. We have been working on an Uphill and Downhill event, an Enduro and have been testing out the route for a potential running Audax.

We are an environmentally friendly company and trying to reduce the carbon footprint of running. In order to do this, some of our events will not offer T-shirts as standard, but they will be available at the time of booking as an add on to your race entry. Thousands of unwanted race T-shirts end up in the bin every year which is a waste of money, simply unnecessary, and terrible for the environment. To reduce the amount of wasted plastic we will also be cup-less where possible.

We are also committed to supporting the local economies in our race areas: this may be by providing donations or volunteers to help preserve the paths and trails, or by offering funding to help maintain a village hall or public toilets. We will be sourcing our checkpoint supplies from local shops and suppliers and encourage participants to do the same.

Keep your eyes open over the coming weeks for more exciting information about our coming events. We look forward to you joining us on the trails, mountains and fells in 2020 and beyond.